How we celebrate every Monday Night!! (Taken with instagram)

How we celebrate every Monday Night!! (Taken with instagram)

Wednesday Happy hour Is about to get a fun twist….stay tuned for details!!! (Taken with instagram)

Wednesday Happy hour Is about to get a fun twist….stay tuned for details!!! (Taken with instagram)

Listen to ESB! Our 2 time winning Shuffleboard Team!

Mary Scholz comes all the way from CA! Rocks the jam! Watch the video!

Bourbon Heritage Month

Well Philadelphia!


Did you know September is Bourbon Heritage Month? On August 2, 2007, the US Senate declared September as “National Bourbon Heritage Month.” The bill passed by unanimous consent.

The resolution calls for consumers who enjoy bourbon to do so responsibly and in moderation through out the month of September and we can say with a whole heart,that we fully support this bill! The bill reinforces the 1964 Act of Congress that declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit” and continued celebration of American heritage and tradition through the enjoyment of this drink!

To celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month, the city of Bardstown, Kentucky has hosted the Kentucky Bourbon Festival every September since 1991 and we here at The Twisted Tail will be having a Bourbon Festival of our own to guessed it…Bourbon!

Our staff has some thoughts on this upcoming month and some favorites for you to try on your next visit to the restaurant! Rob Quinty, our bar manager, has had a passion for American history and Bourbon most of his life. He sights 1792 as his favorite Bourbon to date. (It is also the year Kentucy became a state) When asked why Bourbon over any other spirit he said ” I have always had an affinity for American culture and history and you can not ignore the place Bourbon holds in the history of the States….besides…it also just tastes so delicious!” Erin Rose Silky, our Floor Manager , states that she loves all the facets Bourbon has. “You can pair it with food, you can taste it like wine…it is complex, and wonderful.” She sights Devil’s Cut as her current favorite. When asked about Owner George Reilly’s favorite Blanton’s, she remarked “I like the horse at the Top…but I will stick with my Devil’s Cut!’

"This is a great honor that the U.S. Senate has bestowed upon the bourbon industry,” said Bill Samuels Jr., president of Maker’s Mark Distillery when asked bout Bourbon Heritage Month. Like Bill, we take Bourbon very seriously and we want to take this month to study, celebrate, understand and explore the incredible drink Bourbon!

We hope to see you all in at The Tail, for weekly bourbon flights and our special events!  Stay tuned for detailed info from us about dates, times special events that we will have in store for you, right here at The Twisted Tail!

Can we say Mikey Jr kills the harmonica!

Georgie Bonds!!! Tearing it ip tonight here at the Tail!

Watch till end of video! Catch some band interaction!

To Lunch…that is the Question!

Head house Square has a new spot for day time dining! And we want to talk to you about our ideas, and favorites of the staff so when you come in, you know what we love about Lunch here at The Tail.

Whether you are on the go on your lunch break or finding a spot to sit back and relax, we have lunch that suits your needs.

Owner George Reilly, as a local in the Head House community, wanted to offer something directly to people working locally in the area. He presented this idea to The Twisted Tail’s Head Chef, Michael Stevenson, and so the 12 in 20 was born!  What is the 12 in 20? For $12 dollars you can get a soup or salad and a sandwich in 20 minutes. Asking Reilly about it, he remarked, “People working locally in the community should have an easy way to get great food at a fast pace and make it back to work on time and that is what the 12 in 20 is all about.”

However, if you are not in a rush and have time to dine, we offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can order up some great food and kick back and relax. The Twisted Tail’s Manager James Cuffie, who claims he would take payment in Crab if he could, suggests when you come in for lunch, you should try our Crab Cake Sandwich. However, there have been several suggestions from the staff that the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich is the way to go. Perhaps we should start a poll to see who wins this one. 

Either way, we look forward to serving you. Write in, email, facebook us, let us know what you have and what you think. We here at the Tail, on every level, are always listening to the community around us and always welcome your feedback!

See you Soon!

The party don’t stop!